3P Certification Programme : Course Confirmation

Dear Andy Fairuz Bin Mohd Sharif,

Welcome to Program Pentauliahan Profesional (3P)!

We have successfully received and processed your application. We hereby would like to offer you the below course.

Please reply by 18 April 2008, before 5pm to confirm your seat. We will give your seat to the next person in our waiting list if we do not receive any news from you by the above mentioned dateline.

In addition, following instruction from UiTM, students who have accepted the program but failed to be present on registration day (which will be informed later in a different email), will have to pay 50% of the course fee which is Ringgit Malaysia Three Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty Two only (RM3,262.00) to UiTM.

Course : Adobe Certified Professional
Start Date: 20 May 2008
End Date: 27 June 2008

Please click ‘Accept’ to accept this course or ‘Decline’ to reject.

| Accept | Decline |

Ni email yang aku dapat minggu lepas..huhu permohonan untuk mengikuti program 3P telah diterima dan aku harus mengikutinya..kalau tak..huhu 3K kene bayar..lagipun mane nak dapat peluang amek Adobe Certified Professional ni dengan percuma beb..huhu..blajar Adobe CS3 plak tu..tak ley lepas..

walaupun sebenarnya pada waktu training tu Persi UiTM perak buat program Transtitiwangsa..tapi takpelah..lagipun aku da pegi a trans..biarlah kali ni aku folo program 3P ni plak..kalau tak bile lagi..

so pas exam ni get ready je la nak blaja lagi mende baru yang aku minat..huhu..


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